46 Down, 300 or so to go

If you’re not following along with  my 365 project you’re missing out on some good photography, even if I do say so myself. (Wow, was that vain or what?!?)  Seriously, this project has been so much fun, especially when I end up with a photo I’m proud of. I’ve noticed that I’m thinking about things around me differently, seeing photo opportunities in everything, examining the use of light and angles and focusing on composition. I see things differently, recognizing photo opportunities in mundane things and being creative. The photo at the top, for example, was taken in the drive-thru at Captain D’s. Who knew such simplistic beauty could exist at fastfood fish place?

Some days it’s a struggle to find something, anything that will make an interesting photo. All day long I keep my eyes peeled, and I try to take photos throughout the day so at the end of the day I have some choices of what to use.

All of my photos are taken with my iPhone, and it’s been a little fun to play with a few photo editing apps on the phone to enhance my photos. I try to keep the editing to a minimum and really focus on using only the tools that will accentuate the technique(s) I used to get the photo, not recreate it or rob of it of my interpretation. That said, my favorite editing apps on the iPhone are Photoshop and Camerabag.

Here’s a few recent favorites and a couple never-before-seen rejects. Also check out David’s 365 project too since he’s the one who got me into this (and because he has some pretty decent photos himself.)

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