• I’m having a thirty-one party at my house next week and I’m planning to make these (and maybe these too), so those of you who are coming will be in for treat!

  • I’m going to see Rascal Flatts in concert this week!! Looking forward to it and hoping I’m not too old for this. We have what looks to be pretty decent seats on the floor, near one of the stages, so should be quite the show! I’m going with my friend Lori so looking forward to the girls-only night too!
  • We’re going to Kauai for Spring Break. John is going for work, I was going to have to take off work anyway because school is out, so what the heck, we’re making it a family trip. Not sure yet what we’ll do there and hoping the Chile earthquake and resulting tsunami hasn’t messed things up over there too bad.
  • We’re talking about going to a space shuttle launch in July. (There’s only 4 launches left — April, May, July and September, if the current schedule holds.) It’s the week before school starts so the last week of summer break. We’re talking about making a vacation out of it and spending the week after the launch doing some of the stuff around Kennedy, the beach, and then going inland a bit to Orlando and spending a few days with Mickey.
  • I stumbled across a solicitation for devotionals for a book and inquired about it. (And by “stumbled” I mean read about it on a Twitter feed I follow.) I can submit up to five so I’m praying over what God would have me write. After sharing this as a matter of prayer with my ladies’ small group Wednesday, our leader, Renee, brought out this point in the lesson: “Only the annointed author can write words that carry the weight of God to accomplish eternal purposes in the lives of readers.” The word range is 300 to 500, which Lori lovingly pointed out might be a struggle for me. (“You’ll need more words than that!” she said. Ha. Ha. Thanks Lori, for making me laugh.) But seriously, we’ve all had those devotions that have spoken directly to us, like God wrote Dear _____ at the top — a rhema word just for us — and I want Him to use these devotionals in the same way. I just want to bathe the writing process in prayer that I’ll be one with Him in selecting the subjects, stories and verses. Whether my entries are selected for publication or not I feel like this is of Him and will be a learning and growing process for me.
  • My sister’s birthday is coming up and my mom has decided that this year my sister and I will make each other’s cakes. My mom makes us Red Velvet cake every birthday and has decided it’s time for us to learn to do it ourselves. The trick is the icing and decorating a layered round cake. My mom’s icing recipe is divine but can be a little tricky if not done just right. I think mom and I are going to do this first one together so should make for a fun time in the kitchen and pretty pictures too! Red Velvet is absolutely gorgeous to photograph and absolutely delicious to eat!
  • This “Love Anyway” article from Focus on the Family came in my inbox this week, just in time to share with some folks with who I’ve had this conversation. It’s a very good presentation of the the true, real, lasting love that make marriages and relationships work.
  • I’ve decided to collect “@” symbols. After seeing this ampersand (&) collection I sooo wanted it. I borderline coveted that very collection because it’s that totally awesome. But not wanting to be a copycat (or a thief) I decided it better if I find my own equally-cool punctuation to collect. So this weekend at Barnes & Noble I saw this @ paperweight, so it must just be meant to be then, right? I hope it’s the first of many. I can’t wait to go shopping in some eclectic town or little-known bookshop or giftshop and discover some cool “@”. I just know they’re out there!

One thought on “Miscellany

  1. I love making (and eating) cake balls! I have found that putting them in the freezer before rolling them makes it so much easier to roll into balls. I also love to make them with crushed oreos and cream cheese. Yum! I think I may need to make some very soon. Good luck with your party.

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