Eating the Apple

The first Apple product I ever owned was the iPhone. David, a long-time Apple devotee, had one, and man was it cool. The 3G came out at just the right time for me to get one. After a frustrating experience getting lost in Atlanta we were seriously discussing getting a GPS for my car (The new iPhones came with a GPS). John, who didn’t have a personal cell phone at the time, was changing jobs and would be losing his work cellphone, so if we were going to change cellular providers and plans it was a good time to do it. The camera, the email, and so on, the iPhone just made the most sense.

So that was the first nibble.

Fast forward a year and I took a little bit bigger bite. I upgraded to the 3GS so I could do video. We had considered a Flipcam but ultimately the combo of iPhone with video was going to meet our needs best. Still “just the iPhone,” not like I was actually using an Apple computer.

Meanwhile: For the last year John has been frustrated with his PC laptop, and especially frustrated with Vista. He started talking about looking into switching to a Mac, which I was OK with, the one problem being I wanted to use the same platform everywhere. At a previous job I worked on a Mac during the day and went home to a PC, and I knew I had been frustrated switching back and forth between operating systems, functions, shortcuts, etc. So if we were going to switch at home then I wanted to switch at work. If we weren’t going to switch at home, I wouldn’t switch at work. In a few months I was due for a computer upgrade at work, and with my work computer giving me the Blue Screen of Death daily, sometimes more than once a day — all the conditions were ripe for me to cross over “to the dark side.”

We decided to take a big bite and make the switch. For my computer upgrade at work I requested a Mac laptop, which turned out to be a 15″ MacBook Pro, and I love it! It’s so peaceful and cooperative and easy to get along with. Work and life in general has been easier as a result.

We decided to wait till after the first of the year to upgrade at home — One: so we could get through Christmas without the added expense and Two: so I could potentially write off my computer as a business expense on 2010 taxes since I’ll be using it to write the book.

In the meantime, John jumped off the deep end, deciding he wanted a Mac mini to convert the desktop, Apple TV, and subscribing to two Mac magazines. All of our Apple products arrived this past week so are now officially a Apple/Mac family, complete with little white Apple stickers on our cars.

We ate the Apple.

Afterthought: I give David a hard time frequently about the cult-like nature of the Apple world — people with Apple products adore them and highly esteem their leader, Steve Jobs. They wear a smug grin as if they know a secret that you don’t know. They all have little white Apple stickers on their cars so they can recognize each other and so the rest of us can recognize them too. They seem a little “Stepford” and brainwashed at times. For recruitment they don’t proselytize, they infiltrate. They use their iPhones and MacBooks and AppleTVs daily for their own enjoyment and in the process sow seeds in others. David did so with me with his iPhone — he didn’t have to tell me why it was so great to sell me, although at times he did. All he had to do was use it around me and I could see for myself. Now I’m on the inside, wearing my smug grin because it turns out Apple-users do know something you don’t know and we’re happier for it.

2 thoughts on “Eating the Apple

  1. I love this quote “Now I’m on the inside, wearing my smug grin because it turns out Apple-users do know something you don’t know and we’re happier for it.”

    I am so going to use it, because it’s true.

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