Dre-e-e-e-eam, Dream, Dream, Dre-eam

My co-worker and fellow blogger shared this article with me in which the columnist challenged people, in the new year and the new decade, to look at a few things through fresh eyes. The writer listed 52 suggestions, one for every week of the year. This week’s topic is your dreams.

I don’t really think of myself as dreamer, you know the kind of person that sets lofty goals and then spends their life working to make their “dreams” come true. I’m too realistic for that. The closest things I had to “dreams” was a foolishly whimsical idea to someday write for Seventeen magazine and a seemingly more attainable dream to write for my hometown newspaper.

Writing for Seventeen sounded much cooler when I was fourteen or fifteen than it did even at 17 and especially now at 30. So that one I’m not bothered by at all. It’s kinda fun to remember there used to be a much younger me who thought that would’ve been cool.

Now, writing for the Huntsville Times, that’s one I wish would’ve happened. If I’d been serious about it as a young person I probably could have. I could’ve gone to an in-state college and probably got an internship at the Times. I’ve kinda tried since then to get on at the Times but I’ve not really worked all that hard at it. I kinda wanted it to just happen, just fall in my lap, and that’s the thing about dreams — sometimes you gotta work at ’em!

So instead of dreams, I set fairly easily, attainable goals. I wanted to go to college and get a degree. I wanted a career and a job I loved. I wanted to get married and have kids. The problem with setting my sites too low is that I had all of this accomplished by age 24. Then what? And the answer is I don’t know. Where I am at today far exceeds those two dreams, so if I had chased those dreams would I have missed out on this or ended up happier or maybe just “happy enough.” That’s not to knock people who dream — I think having dreams is the motivation some people need to keep them moving, even if they don’t reach them but achieve and learn other things along the way.


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