Garden Island Getaway

On an island nicknamed “the garden island,” the things to see and do have a lot to do with green scenery. Sunday morning we went to the Kilohana Plantation with an on-site restaurant, shops, lots of plants and trees, and rides on the Kauai Plantation Railway. The boys’ favorite part was feeding the pigs. Earlier in the day they fed bread to the fish in the hotel’s koi pond. Funny to me that their two favorite parts are things we technically could’ve done back home. But that’s OK. I’m glad they had something they enjoyed. They’re a little young to appreciate natural wonders.

In the afternoon we took a boat ride on the Wailua River to Fern Grotto. The boys found the boat ride a tad bit exciting, and liked the live music and hula dancers on the boat the best.

Yesterday the boys and I rode up to North Shore to the Kilauea Lighthouse, one of two lighthouses on the island. (The other is Ninini Lighthouse, which I hope to get to see before we leave.) We ate lunch a little local shopping center (there’s lots of those around here) and then went on the hunt for  beach. The hotel concierge recommended several North Shore beach parks but unfortunately it was raining. And it kept raining. And rained some more. So not only was it not ideal beach weather, the waves were HUGE! Too dangerous for us. So after wasting an hour trying to find a beach we came back toward our side of the island and stopped at kid-friendly Lydgate Beach Park. It is a lagoon enclosed with rocks that broke the roughness of the waves making them perfect for the boys. They had a blast and want to go back!!


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