Cleveland Rocks

Work sent me and David to Cleveland, Ohio last week to Glenn Research Center. The purpose of the trip was to shadow and interview some students involved in a particular NASA project and to meet with people in the education office about the projects they lead. The work aspect of the trip was awesome — we accomplished what we went there to do and then some! But being in a new city and all we also took some time in the evenings to explore the city.

The sun over Lake Erie

We flew in on Monday so had Monday night to do something fun. David had looked up concerts in the area and found this little place east of the city where an artist he knew was doing a show. The main act he wanted to see was Rachael Sage, but I really preferred the first act, Angie Haze. The photo is from Angie’s set.

On our last afternoon in Cleveland we drove downtown and stopped at the NASA visitor center there, which is part of a science museum. It was actually closing by the time we made it there, but I got a few nice photos of the outside.

We ate at several Cleveland-only restaurants, at the recommendation of our host for the week, including Steak on a Stone where you cook your own raw steak to your liking on a super hot lava rock. A cool experience, even if I did get picked on for taking too long cooking my steak pieces well done.

Our last night, while downtown, we ate at The Chocolate Bar, but we only had dessert. It was pre-dinner dessert even, which added to the fun of it. I had the molten lava cake, I think it was called. The dessert was yummy, but the presentation was photo worthy!

After dessert we went to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (which is open late on Wednesdays, if you go). There was no photography allowed of the exhibits, so that kind of a bummer. A few items that stand out are the outfit and jacket Michael Jackson wore in Thriller and the outfit Bruce Springsteen wore on the cover of “Born in the USA.”

The most enjoyable part of “Rock Hall,” as the natives call it, was listening to music. At several different stands with earphones and musical selections by Rock Hall inductees, David and I stood at them for chunks of time each picking songs, sharing stories about the songs, and even singing. I think I impressed him a little singing and knowing all of the words to Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.”

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Honestly, I was little disappointed it wasn’t shaped like a guitar.


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