David has the uncanny ability to find new foods, experimental foods even. His two favorite areas are uniquely flavored m&m’s and Hershey’s kisses. But on Monday, while out shopping, he found these.

Oreo Blizzard flavored Oreos.

And brought them in to share.

Now I like Oreos. And I like Blizzards. And I like Oreo Blizzards. So of course I would like an Oreo Blizzard Oreo. And not to knock it — the cookie was good — but it was so meta it made me laugh. This is a cookie based on a dessert made from the cookie. The only think that could’ve been more meta is a blizzard made from the cookie based on the dessert made from the cookie. And don’t think I wouldn’t get one if they made one. In fact if they let me bring in my own cookies and make a blizzard from the Oreo Blizzard Oreo cookie, I totally would, just to have the experience.

Silly, I know, but why not have a little fun when you can, right?


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