American Gods book cover

Through a random tweet I heard about this guy’s idea for everyone on Twitter to read the same book this summer and tweet about it. The novelty of the idea sucked me in. At the time the nominated books were still being voted on. After reading the synopsis of each, the book American Gods: A Novel fancied my interest most. American Gods was in the lead in the votes at that time, so David and I decided if American Gods was selected we would most definitely participate.

Well, American Gods won by a landslide, so we’re reading it. The reading started this week — there’s a suggested reading schedule just so the whole group can stay at a similar pace and hopefully not tweet any spoilers. I’ve not read that far into it, and honestly can’t see myself sticking to the reading schedule. I don’t have that much time to read, but we’ll see. If you want to read along, get a copy of American Gods: A Novel and start reading. Follow @crowdsourcing and @1B1T2010 for tweets about the project. Also tag your tweets with the hashtag #1b1t so your comments can be seen by the group.

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