Mamaw’s China

Eleven years ago my grandmother gave me her china set as a wedding gift. And for 11 years it’s been packed up in these boxes.

The boxes moved with us six times, and after every move the boxes were put in a closet waiting for that day that we would have a china cabinet to put them in.

That day came today. Today, on our 11th anniversary, John’s gift to me was a corner china cabinet to finally display my grandmother’s antique china. John and a friend of his shopped local antique shops for two months for the perfect cabinet. As John put it, he knew what he had in mind and kept shopping till he found it.

It’s gorgeous, don’t you think? The two glass flutes are the ones we toasted with at our wedding — they, too, have been in storage all these years — and the antique bowl and pitcher on top were a wedding present from my mother-in-law. So nice to finally have a nice place to display them all.

Now I just need a dining room table to go with it.

Just a few days ago I asked if we were doing gifts this year because sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we’ll buy something we both want or sometimes our gift to each other is dinner out or dinner in or time together. The gift I planned sorta kinda fell through, and with no plan B I was willing to give us both an “out.” He played it off well with something like “if you don’t want to exchange gifts we don’t have to” knowing all the while his plan. My gift to him was to be satellite radio in his car, which when I told him about it he loved and I’ll be working on getting it done in the next week or so. I had satellite radio in mind for him for a long time but wasn’t able to just steal his car without him noticing, ya know. And when I told him I needed his car for a few days for his gift he wouldn’t let me have it. He loves that car, was afraid I was going trade it in or mess it up perhaps.


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