Finn & Caden

My co-worker and fellow blogger shared this article with me in which the columnist challenged people, in the new year and the new decade, to look at a few things through fresh eyes. The writer listed 52 suggestions, one for every week of the year. This week’s topic is your children.

Finn, you are my firstborn. You are the one who made me a mom. There’s a special bond between a mother and her firstborn and I share that bond with you. You are the one who I fear failing the most because we experience every stage together, each for the first time. I wish I could be better prepared, for your sake, rather than learning as we go. You are so special to me and such a unique individual. God has to have something special planned for your life to equip you with such a unique combination of gifts and abilities and insights. You see things in a different way than the rest of us, which at times can be frustrating but also sometimes eye-opening and refreshing. I enjoy just being with you and doing things with you that you enjoy. I love making you happy. Your smile is delightful, lighting up the room with cheer to all who see it. You have great patience which will serve you well. You are a great big brother, taking Caden under your wing and trying to teach and direct him, even though he sometimes bucks it. I look forward to watching you grow and playing a role in shaping who you become. You have such potential! It will be a joy to walk alongside you as you go through life.

Caden, you are so much fun. You love life like I’ve never seen anyone love life before. You are so happy just to wake up in the morning or to put on soft pajamas at night. You are carefree and love it; a true free spirit. I can’t help but smile when I see you burst into laughter. You are special to me because you made Finn a brother and expanded our family, making it more diverse and complete. If anyone can have a good time, it’s you. That gift will be so valuable to you as you grow up. You will always be the life the party. If harnessed, that energy and zest for life can carry you so far. I look forward to the privilege of seeing that story unfold and seeing all the great things in store for you.


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