My First Stevenote

I watched my first Stevenote yesterday. I watched liveblogging of my first Stevenote yesterday. (I posted that I “watched” the Stevenote on Facebook and @pumpkinshirt was quick to correct me. I didn’t watch the note itself, I watched the “liveblogging” of the note. Thanks, pumpkinshirt, for the correction.)

I was aware that David used to pay attention to these things whenever they happened (when do they happen by the way? Just once a year?) but I never had a reason to pay attention myself. Even after buying the iPhone two years ago, I had no interest in it. I refused to give in to the cult-like “our leader speaks, we must listen” mentality. Well, whatever. I changed my mind. And that’s pretty much how it happened. I still think it’s funny to compare Mac users to what it’s like being in a cult — they’re lots of similarities — but more seriously, it’s really cool to see (via liveblogging ;) ) what the company is coming up with next.

Like the new iPhone. The iPhone 4.

I don’t need it. I upgraded last year to the 3GS, and it really has everything I need (need being relative, of course). But the iPhone 4 is cool. Very cool. LED flash. Video phone capability. Sharper resolution. HD. Glass and steel and lighter and smaller but better and more battery life? What’s not to love. It’s the kind of temptation that makes your heart pound and you want it so bad you can almost taste it.

(Deep breath)

But I digress. Because the most exciting moment for me from first-ever Stevenote experience was this image:

Yep, that’s right, Apple <3’s Target. Which means I <3 Apple even more.


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