Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

A few weekends ago Old Navy had a 2 for $5 flip flop sale, and I bought 4 pair (pictured below) as well as two of their wedge-style flip flops.

I posted that photo on my 365project with the explanation:

I’m not the kind of woman who has a shoe fetish for either lots of shoes or lots of expensive shoes. If anything I’m the opposite — give me a few cheap shoes that work and I’m happy. However I love flip flops. Sometimes a little too much.

I felt bad about that statement because in the next few days I proceeded to buy three more pair of shoes for a total of NINE new pairs of shoes in three days! The statement is still true — I’m not a shoe person — I just happened upon good deals and cute shoes, and not only that but good deals and cute shoes in my size. Finding shoes that are cute and affordable in my size can sometimes be difficult because … are you ready for this confession? … I have big feet. My feet grew from a size 6 to a size 10 between 6th and 10th grade and then stopped. Thank goodness, right? Can you imagine if they’d grown any larger?

Well …

I don’t know what it is about pregnancy and feet but something happens. Maybe it’s hormones, maybe feet swell and just never fully recover, I don’t know, but my foot grew a half-size with each pregnancy, so do the math … two, plus x, carry the 4, times the square root … I currently wear a size 11 shoe. So not only do I have to shop certain stores that carry that size (which my beloved Target does), a lot of styles don’t look good on my foot. Some styles are made for dainty, teeniny feet. So if I find a good price, on a cool shoe, in my size, it’s hard to pass up buying one, or two … or six … or nine.

These pink floral cuties were not part of my big shoe splurge but were actually part of my anniversary present. They are Vera Bradley’s “Make Me Blush” pattern. But figured as long as I was going a shoe fashion show I might as well include them too.


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