Target Train

Wondering if I can make it to NYC sometime in the next six weeks to see this — to ride the Target-branded subway. (Not seriously, but it would be kinda cool.)

Thanks Target Addict for the heads-up!

Subway Train Wrapped in Giant Target Ad

From The Huffington Post comes news that New York City commuters now have one more ad to look at on the way to work. The entire exterior of a 10-car subway train was wrapped with ads for a new Target location set to open on July 25th.

A Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman said the advertisement was the first to run on one of the city’s regular subway lines. Advertisements have been wrapped along smaller shuttle subways from Grand Central to Times Square.

The spokesman said the MTA was trying to increase advertising revenue. The agency has an $800 million budget shortfall and made massive service cuts this weekend to its buses and subways. Spokesmen for both New York City Transit and Target would not say how much the ad costs, but it will run for 6 weeks.


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