Of Bats and Balls

Between both boys playing on different teams and for different parks, we’ve taken up residence at the ballparks the last few months. Caden played his second year in instructional Tball and was much improved over last year, especially in his ability to pay attention during the game. Finn’s Tball team from last year moved parks to a more competitive league and also advanced to playing coach pitch baseball.

Finn’s team was actually undefeated through the regular season. There are some very talented boys on his team and, with a little fine-tuning and shaping, the team really could be a force to be reckoned with. In fact, they kinda already were. We came into the county tournament “the team to beat,” and as we worked our way up the bracket the rumors were that teams were “out to get us,” out to take us down a notch, or what have you. Keep in mind, this is 7-year-old baseball, kinda nuts to be “out for blood” against 7-year-old’s but some people take things quite seriously.

It ended up coming down to us and one other really great team — as these things usually do. We beat the team on a Thursday night — just barely but we did it, in a clenched-fist nail-biter that came down to the last out and the last run — sending the other team into the loser bracket and securing us a spot in the championship game on Saturday. That team won their next game so was back for a rematch Saturday morning. The tournament was double elimination so if we won, it was over; they would’ve lost twice. If they won, we had to play again immediately after because for them to win the tournament we had to lose twice.

We ended up losing both Saturday morning games and placing second in the tournament. Our boys played really well in the Saturday morning games, but the teams were very closely matched in skills. And when that’s the case it sometimes comes down to which players are more “on” that day and it comes down to errors — which team bobbles the ball more, which team catches or misses pop flies, which team hits the ball straight to first base making it easy for the first baseman to get them out, etc.

Some of the parents on the other team were quite ugly about wanting to win and that was annoying, but whatever, we can be bigger than that. We had some really close plays that our boys excelled at doing what they should have, and other times when they messed up. But, hey, you know, they’re 6 and 7 year olds, learning how to use their bodies in a certain way and to follow specific rules and do all of that at the same time while parents yell “do this” and “do that” and in the heat (it was very hot the day of final games) — so we were all proud of them for doing their best and losing gracefully and for all they accomplished. Way to go Elite! Looking forward to next season.


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