It’s OK

A friend sent me a link to a resource that might be helpful and relevant to everything going on. (My friend then ordered me the DVD. Thanks friend!) I found this passage on the page particularly relevant to where I am and to where I think a lot of people are in dealing with John’s death.

“Suffering the loss of someone we love can be the most difficult thing in life to deal with. One moment we have them and the next they’re gone. What are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to feel? The truth is, there’s no certain way we’re “supposed” to feel. Whatever we’re feeling, it’s okay. It’s okay to feel shock, anger, denial, or whatever we may feel. It’s okay. And if we don’t feel anything at all, that’s okay too. It’s okay to have no answers and no explanations. Because sometimes all the reasoning and comforting words in the world just aren’t what we need.”

I hear countless times a day how people can’t understand why, they don’t know how to feel, they don’t know what to do, and all I can tell them is I don’t know how to feel or say or do either. And that’s OK.


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