Life Lessons in Target Analogies

My friend sent me this video this morning of a child holding a Target toy catalog and insisting his parent take him there and only there — no Walmart and no Kmart, Target the child insists — to get said toy. While greatly intrigued that this child would choose Target over Walmart or Kmart (as that is the best choice anyone could make) I was disappointed that it seemed less driven by loyalty to Target and more by wanting the toy in the Target toy book. The child probably didn’t realize he could get that toy at the other stores as well. The boy is too young to know just how awesome Target is and just how much Walmart doesn’t measure up. So he is giving others this false impression that he really loves Target when what he loves is what Target has to offer. He might even be fooled himself.

From that I extrapolated these life lessons:

Loving someone (or some place) for the wrong reason isn’t true love. Love Target because she’s Target and because she’s awesome and wonderful in innumerable ways. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you love someone (or place) when what you really love is what they offer you, that really, someone else offers too. Take the time to appreciate all that someone (Target) has to offer — not just the toy that you want or the price that you like but take note of the clean aisles and friendly team members. Or in the case of a significant other — not just the favors they do for you or the void they fill or the dinner they prepare or buy. Appreciate “the package deal.”


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