“I left the 99 to find the one” Revisited

I posted the original “I left the 99 to find the one” post nearly two years ago. It was simply the video to Paul Alan’s “To Bring You Back” with no further commentary other than I liked the song. Since that time it’s been one of the top posts on this blog, primarily from people googling “I left the 99 to find the one,” a repeated phrase in the song’s chorus.

I’ve often felt bad that I didn’t have more in the post than just the video — no thoughts or reflections or even why I like it. So many people are stumbling across that post every day and the only thing they get is a video with no context. And if they’re searching a phrase like that, maybe a little insight would be beneficial to where they’re at.

So why was that song so important to me? Why was it so important to me then? What does it say to me?

Where I was in my life, in my walk at the time, this song to me was affirmation that we go through rough spots in life and our Heavenly Father is there even if we feel unworthy and like a disappointment. He’s there loving us, and more than that He’s there with us in that rough time. I, at that time, felt like the song describes — thirsty, not sure where I was or how I lost my way, tired of chasing the wind, underwater aspiring to breathe again, asking “is this the best I can do?” The words in the verses are where I was. In the chorus I was uplifted with hope that my God, my Father, my Savior pursues me and never leaves me and values me — walking a thousand miles, in the hot sun, seeking me.

Hello, it’s me i couldn’t sleep I was just counting sheep. I’m missing you.”

It’s a wonderful feeling to be missed and those words in the song put that into context for me — that My Shepherd missed me. Missed me, me Heather.

So this song for me is a love song. Parts of it I related to because it so clearly stated the needs I felt, how desolate I was feeling. But then the chorus reassured me that I am loved and pursued and valued. I wanted to share the song because I figure others can relate to the abandoned and desolate feelings I was having and because we all should know just how much love our Savior feels about us.


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