Second Grade, Here We Are

First day of Second Grade

Finn started second grade last week. It’s fun to me to look back on the blog to the first day of kindergarten, the end of kindergarten, headaches on the first day of first grade, and the story of me bribing him just to get him to make it through one day of first grade without getting upset and working himself into a headache.

The transition to second grade has actually been the most smooth of three. Maybe he’s finally getting the hang of this school thing. He got the teacher he wanted and seems to like her pretty well. He gets his homework done at school most days, so so far not too much complaining about schoolwork. One big change is he’s riding the school bus in the mornings. He was very excited about the bus the first day, less excited on day two, and didn’t want to ride the bus or go to school at all on day three. But he quickly recovered and hasn’t given me any grief about either since.

First day, waiting for the bus

Second day, waiting for the bus, spoiled rotten with his bag chair and drink holder. Can't decide if this is high-class or redneck.


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