As If You Needed A Reason

Sometimes people out there (you know who you are) are too harsh on my beloved Target, so I tend to be skeptical of media articles that compare Target to other stores because some people just don’t get it. So I was especially leery of the headline “Four Things You Should and Shouldn’t Buy at Target.” However, the article is actually quite fair and I tend to agree with it, even on the things you shouldn’t buy.

Like furniture, No. 1 on the list of things not to buy at Target. I can’t vouch for Target’s furniture having never bought any of it myself. I’ve always liked the “look” of it but never have needed any piece bad enough to make a purchase. Ditto for exercise equipment (#3 on the “do not buy” list).

No. 2 is music and movies, which, I think it depends. The article cites a movie and a CD, both of which are cheaper on Amazon and Walmart, but I’m sure I could easily find two other movies or CDs that are cheaper at Target on any given day or week. The thing about movies and music is pricing is flexible and changes frequently. One thing Target usually has going for it, though, (part of its Target “brand”) is that it partners with movie distributors for exclusives and special offers. So sometimes a higher price can be because you’re getting something extra that Walmart or Amazon doesn’t offer.

The final thing on the don’t-buy list is shower curtains and plastic toys made with PVC. I’ll be honest and say I don’t know enough about the issue to weigh in. I also don’t buy shower curtains.

So on the buy list —

The Kindle. Initial thought: “Do what?!?” But their logic is that because Target is the only in-store retailer that carries the Kindle you should buy it there rather than Amazon so you can try it out first. Sounds like a good idea to me, when you put it that way. I did similar before getting mine; only I tried it out by having lunch with my Kindle-toting friend and tested out hers. Of course I know not everyone can go out to lunch with a Kindle-toting friend, so testing it out at Target is better than not at all.

Groceries. Yes! When Target was the closest grocery store to me it was my home grocery store. Now that it’s far faraway, I shop there less frequently for food. But I would if it was more convenient.

Green cleaning products (like Method). Yes, yes! I love Method products! They clean well and smell clean as opposed to smelling like chemicals. (The bottles look cool too!)

Cosmetics. I can’t speak to it personally because I use Mary Kay products (which I buy from a consultant, aka my sister), but like with movies I’m aware of Target partnering with top names in the cosmetics business to make Target-exclusive products catered to Target shoppers, like the Target Red lip color and nail polish I had fun with.


2 thoughts on “As If You Needed A Reason

  1. Johnny says:

    The furniture is mediocre at best. Pretty typical for build-it-yourself (which is all we can afford). We had to return a cabinet once because the stain smelled awful.

    My only issue with Target’s music is that there is so little of it. The CD selection is miniscule. What artists they do have, they only have one or two titles by. And I can always get it cheaper on Amazon.

    Their movie selection is much better.

  2. The article is right about media in general, but, at the same time, completely wrong. Ditto, to an extent, with Johnny’s comment.

    Target very much embraces the new-release Tuesday approach to media. The first week something comes out, Target is VERY competitive price-wise. Sure, after the first week, it might be cheaper at Wal-Mart, but why pay more the second week at Wal-Mart than you would pay the first week at Target?

    Target doesn’t try to be Amazon or Best Buy in their permanent selection, they try to turn over as many units as possible in the first week of release, and they often have the best price you’re going to find if you buy then.

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