Miranda & Co.

Absolutely gorgeous sunset over the concert grounds

The Miranda Lambert/Blake Shelton concert was fun. As predicted, sitting outside on a summer night watching a gorgeous sunset and then being under the stars was magnificent! The concert ran wayyy, longer than I thought. The opening act Colt Ford did about an hour then a 20-30 minute intermission, then Blake Shelton an hour or more, then an intermission … it was after 10 before Miranda Lambert ever got on stage and I had to be home for the sitter by 1130. I was able to stretch my curfew out til midnight and hear a few more songs, but actually ended up missing the last half of it.

Colt Ford — country rap not really my thing, but was entertaining. Favorite thing from Ford: He said he was going to slow it down, do a love song. And then he said chicken and biscuits. I turned to David: “He said ‘love song.’ Then he said ‘chicken and biscuits.'” It turned out to be quite the catchy song. I’ve since bought it.

Blake Shelton — It’s All About Tonight, right? What else is there to say. I hadn’t heard much of him before the concert, and what I did know I didn’t know was him. He gave a fun performance though, really catered toward the beer-drinking redneck crowd but still fun. (Speaking of which, first time I had seen people drinking beer from a pitcher, which I was assured it wasn’t really a pitcher for sharing, you were supposed to drink from the pitcher. Well, alrighty then.)

Miranda — I heard two or three of the ones I wanted to hear — Dead Flowers, Only Prettier, Time to Get a Gun, Gunpowder and Lead. I heard White Liar in the distance as I was walking back to the car. What I did hear was a good show. She’s funny, and very sincere and genuine to the tough girl image portrayed in her songs. I am Miranda, hear me roar!

Not sure if they performed something together after I left but seeing Miranda and Blake do a song together would’ve been cool since they’re engaged and all. Fun concert. Glad I went.


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