Movie Review: Eat Pray Love

I was not aware of the book “Eat Pray Love” when I saw the movie preview a few months ago on the big screen. But something about a woman struggling with marriage and relationship and the desire to reconnect with herself, to be defined as herself, resonated with where I was at the time.

A lot has changed since then. But a lot hasn’t. I’m still figuring out “me.”

Last month, a few of the bunco girls had seen the movie and were giving their reviews — some loved it, some found it long and boring. Chances were I’d find it one or the other. It was worth the risk and worth the time to see for myself.

So when a friend offered to keep the boys for me to do something I needed or wanted to do I had to choose — do I use that time to get a haircut or use that time to see Eat Pray Love?

I chose Eat Pray Love. My locks can stay too long for a tad longer.

I think the reason some of bunco girls may have found it boring is because they couldn’t relate. Because they’re not there. They’re not in the same place in life as Liz (author Elizabeth Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts). I kinda am, or was, or have been — or something. Themes in the movie resonated closely so it was refreshing to me to know someone else out there has been there too, that I’m not alone. It was refreshing to see another woman be frustrated with uncertainty and insecurity in her life, to see her struggle with what to do and what not do and how to proceed when there’s stuff going on in life that you’d rather they weren’t.

There were times when I cried — not bawled, but I shed a few tears. There were times when I cracked up laughing. There were times when I smiled, happy for the people on the screen making progress towards a happier life.

I enjoyed the soundtrack so much, I bought it!  And not even bought the CD and waited for it to come in the mail, but bought the iTunes soundtrack so I could have it today! (‘S Wonderful is one of my favorites.)

So many good one-liners throughout the film, but I liked only one well enough to jot it down

“Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.”

9/21/10 7:20 A.M. Update

So my friend Dani wrote on my Facebook last night:

I read your blog (about Eat Pray Love) and could not determine if you liked it or not …

Hmmm … good point, Dani. I guess I never did say. So … for Dani and all the rest of you who wondered … I liked it. :) I want to own it and watch it again and loan it to my friends and watch it with someone I love and talk about it with friends like Dani who liked it also. I’d like to read the book (Dani’s going to loan it to me) and then blog about having read the book. And someday I want to slow dance in my kitchen to ‘S Wonderful and other romantic songs on the soundtrack. Thanks Dani!


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