Who’s talking here, me or You?

From time to time it happens that I say something to the boys that has greater spiritual application, and it’s an awesome, awesome thing when it does.

This past Sunday, a disappointed and tired me said to the 7-year-old who was playing DS instead of getting dressed for church: “It breaks my heart when you don’t listen to me, when you ignore me, when you don’t obey me.” And as soon as the words left my mouth the conviction hit, that those same words are true of God. It breaks his heart in the same way when we don’t listen, when we ignore, when we don’t obey. I smiled and thanked Him for the reminder. And told the 7-year-old, “Get ready for church” with a look on my face that hopefully communicated, “And I mean it!”

An hour later, now driving to church, a frustrated and running-late me has had all the boy-humor I can take — silly words and spit sounds and discussion of eyeballs and stinky, and so on. We’re driving to church, for crying outloud, and I’m trying to listen to Christian radio and prepare my heart for worship to the tune of spitting sounds followed by insane giggles at the hilarity of the sound “pbbb.” I don’t get why that’s even funny, but regardless it’s bugging me on the way to church. So I ask them to stop — repeatedly — to no avail, so now it’s turned into an obedience issue. So I pull out the big guns. In my “I’ve had it up to HERE stop right now, don’t make me have to pull this car over on the way to church” voice I lay it on thick and say: “You wouldn’t be acting this way if Jesus was sitting in the front seat.” They hushed. I did too. I don’t know why they got quiet, maybe it was what I said or maybe it was how I said it. I hushed … because once again the Spirit used my own words to speak to me. Heather, you wouldn’t be acting this way if Jesus was sitting in the front seat either.

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