“The mark of real security is being able to be around anyone, regardless of how attractive or intelligent, and still maintain personal confidence and contentment.” — Beth Moore, So Long Insecurity

Oh how I wish I could do that. Instead, I walk in a room and I immediately assess “how do I measure up?” I’m self-conscious about my weight, my clothes, my hair, my skin, my lack of a tan. I constantly feel inferior to other women, other women who are more beautiful, who have a better smile, who have a better body, who have the hair color men like, who are intelligent, who aren’t graying, who are more free, who have better clothes, who are more independent, who know the Scriptures better, who are confident and not insecure … and the list goes on. Oh how I want to be cured! I wish it were as simple as “stop doing that” but it’s not. It’s extremely complicated and deeply rooted. Are all women like that? Even the ones I measure myself up against? Why are we not more comfortable in our own skin?


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