A Night at the Theatre

David and I went to the Theatre Huntsville production of The Odd Couple: Female Version last night and had a really fun time. David goes to Theatre Huntsville productions all the time with friends involved in the group and from Face2Face (the improv troupe David acts with), but this was my first time to see one of their plays. The play was a delightfully humorous story about relationships and friendships, and because it was the female version it was all about women’s relationships — relationships with the men in their lives but primarily their girlfriends and trying to get along and thrive in spite of each others’ differences. I could relate to the funny representations of both kinds of relationships.

As the play opened I found myself very aware that it was community theatre, that these actresses were local moms and businesswomen who I could easily run into at the grocery store or pass on the Parkway and not know it. These were essentially people “like me,” but who had an interest and active part in live, local theatre performance. As they eased into their roles a few of the characters seemed a little forced and I thought I heard a line or two that the delivery was off, but hey, it’s local theatre, right? That happens. These aren’t professionals. Shouldn’t expect too much. (So I thought.)

But as the play picked up steam, I found myself forgetting about that and being captivated by the characters and performances and believing what was in front of me. So, kudos to the Theatre Huntsville performers for putting on an entertaining and classy show!


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