I am thankful.

For my home and that I am able to stay in it and have money to make the payments.

For my job that pays me well and makes me happy and uses the writing talents God gave me.

For Finn and Caden who bring so much joy and meaning and perspective to my life.

For John’s salvation, that while he is no longer here to enjoy the Earth God made for us, he is enjoying a way-better place He made for us.

For people who love me.

For people who love me despite my faults and shortcomings and insecurities, who find beauty and value in all my “rough.”

For sunsets and sunrises, the planetarium outside my house, the way sunlight glimmers on the water, the wonderful fragrances from flowers, the tasty goodness of fruit and all the gifts of beauty and blessing that God has made and showcases especially for us.

For His voice that comforts and corrects, soothes and protects. For His ear that hears, for His heart that aches and empathizes and loves. For His hand that holds.

For forgiveness and grace and redemption.


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