Sick Rocket

It's hard to see but there's a little scabbed over area between his eye and his nose

Our little Rocket is sick.


We took him out of his cage Tuesday night and he had a place on his nose, like maybe a scab or a sore, where there was no hair. We weren’t sure if the hair had fallen out due to stress — had the boys been too rough with him the night before and he just couldn’t take it? — or was he sick with something really bad. The guinea pig book had said to watch them closely for signs of illness that it wouldn’t take much for them to get really sick, really fast.

Fortunately, we were able to call a friend of David’s who knew all about guinea pigs and was able to check him out for us last night. She thinks it’s a scab from a scratch he probably had when we got him, from one of the other guinea pigs at the pet store, and it just took this long for it to completely scab over and the hair to fall out. She thinks it will heal up just fine in a week or so.

As part of trying to figure out what was wrong with his nose, I called the pet store to see if, because he was still within the 14-day return or exchange period, I brought him in would they have their vet look at him to tell us what was wrong and what we needed to do. No, they said, they could exchange him for a new one but if I wanted to go to the vet I’d have to do that on my own.

The mere thought of trading Rocket in for a new guinea pig was too sad to think about. In less than two weeks, he’s captivated my heart and the boys’ hearts and David’s. He’s not just any guinea pig anymore, he’s ours. He’s Rocket. He’s skunkrat. He’s our cute little black and white fur ball. I’m glad this seems to be a minor injury and hope Rocket heals well and quickly.

Both boys told him “bye” and “hope you feel better” yesterday when we left for work and school, and last night at bedtime Finn asked me to pray for Rocket. We thanked God for bringing Rocket into our lives and asked him to help Rocket’s little nose feel better and heal quickly.


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