Deeper Still: The Overview

Deeper Still was … awesome amazing tremendous exciting … all of the above.

To fully “get” my Deeper Still experience you have to go back with me to this time last year. Renee from church posted on Facebook that she was going to be teaching a class as part of the Wednesday night small groups and one of the options was Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed: A Study of David, a study from an earlier Deeper Still weekend.

Now I had no idea what Deeper Still was, I had never heard of it. But I knew who Beth Moore was and knew her studies were good. And this wasn’t just Beth, but also Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur. Something about it (the Holy Spirit, I do believe) drew me to it. Wednesday night studies had always been a difficult thing for us to do consistently, for reasons ranging from the time required to get off work, get both kids, make it in time for church supper, etc. to missing church on the weeks John traveled or worked late. We’d also get home past bed time on Wednesday nights, and sometimes it was just wasn’t worth all the fall out.

But, I decided going into Anointed Transformed Redeemed that I was going to go, no matter what it took. So, the weeks John wasn’t home to get the boys, I paid a babysitter. I made a commitment to go and God honored that commitment by showing up each week also. He spoke to me during that study in ways I never even knew existed. He met me where I was and showed me truth. I learned about and heard a rhema Word (God’s Word spoken and applied specifically to me). On one particularly down night His message was simply “you are loved,” but given that I had arrived there feeling unlovable, that’s exactly what I needed hear. Other times there were words of warning and words that I received then but that didn’t fully come into play til much, much later.

So, in spring, the church ladies’ ministry announced that Beth and Priscilla and Kay would be doing a Deeper Still weekend just two hours from home in December. It was 8 months or so away but I knew I had to go, and like the study, I had to go at any cost. So I told John I wanted to go. And, as happened a lot, he had Navy duty that weekend. I said I didn’t care, that I was tired of Navy duty always preventing me from going to events like this and I wanted to make it work for me to go anyway. He said do it, we’d figure it out, and I put mom on alert that she may be called upon to keep the boys that weekend.

The constant conflict with the Navy weekends wasn’t the only reason I never went to one of these ladies weekend events before. The other was I had no one to go with, no one asked me to go, I knew no one going, etc. I decided I was going to this one even if I knew no other woman going. Yay, me!! But at the same time I invited some friends, who, to my surprise, said yes! Melissa, who had been in the Deeper Still class on Wednesday with me, and my friend Stephanie. Wow, God was honoring my faithfulness by blessing me with people to go with and it was amazing!

In the fall I asked a few others to join us too and was so glad when Tina wanted to go. I believe with all my heart that God wanted Tina there. I mean, He wanted all of us there, but what I witnessed was Him orchestrating all of the details and events necessary to get us there and get Tina there with us.

So, two weeks ago, we made the two-hour road trip in my car, gabbing the whole way about everything under the sun. Between the four of us there’s working moms, a stay-at-home mom, mothers of daughters and mothers of sons, varied experiences with marriage and relationships and church and God — just a beautiful potpourri. The girl time, I think, was one of the things we needed most.

The girl time was fun, the praise through music was amazing, and the teaching was out of this world, right on. There was was too much from this experience for just one post, so I broke the rest of it up into two smaller, themed posts.

Deeper Still: Beth (Rediscovering the Art of Lost Treasure)

Deeper Still: Kay & Priscilla (The Sisterhood of the Empty Quiver)


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