The Biggest Loser

At last night’s Bunco Christmas party our leader, Stephanie, surprised us with a new prize: the prize for the most losses in one game. See, back in March I sat down at Table 3 and I lost. And then lost again. And again. And again. After losing an entire round (six games) I probably thought something like, “Wow, that must be a record or something, that’s probably never happened before.”

But then I continued to lose. And lose. And lose. And lost every game the whole next round as well. Now keep in mind, when you lose you stay at the same table, so I’m still in Tracy’s sun room just watching players rotate through over and over again and enjoying a good laugh as people circle through exclaiming “You’re still here! Hahaha!”

At some point I embraced the losing and started telling people when they came to the table, “Choose your partner carefully because I’m in it to lose.” Because really, at this point I needed to be trying to lose to get the prize for Most Losses. I wanted to keep my streak going, even a streak as sorry as losing. I was going for the perfect, losing game.

And as you can see from the above photo (from my 365 project that day), I did not roll a perfect game but, much to my and all my Bunco girls’ disappointment, won the last round.

I had forgotten all about this but Stephanie, in going through her scorecards for end of the year awards, saw my losing streak and thought it fun to recognize me for my (lack of) accomplishment. My prize? A black and white photo frame. Cute on its own. But inside the frame? My losing game card from that night. I love it! We all cracked up laughing. What a special memory and memento. Thanks Stephanie!


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