My First Post of 2011

Life a year ago looked quite different. Makes me wonder what life a year from now will look like. What a difference a day, a month, a year makes, huh?

We are working feverishly to finish the book but took a few hours break on New Years Eve to hang out with some church friends over chili, conversation and fireworks. It was a nice break and distraction for all of us. It was nice to take David with me and introduce him to that circle of friends. It was nice to feel at home at my friends’ home and to see our kids play and to enjoy the spectacle of exploding light as one year was closing and a new one was beginning.

What will the coming year bring? Goodness, I have no idea. If 2010 taught me anything it’s that life is most definitely unpredictable. A few things I know. Finn will turn 8 this summer. Caden will start kindergarten. Finn will be a third-grader. My nephew will graduate high school. David and I … well, I have an idea how I’d like that to go too.

Time well tell.

“We are leaving 2010 behind us. Here’s to new beginnings.”

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