Every Day?!?

So WordPress is doing this post a day or post a week challenge and I’m taking them up on it. This should make certain people happy (you know who you are) because when I go a few days without blogging they worry about me.

Truth is, I write a ton of excellent blog posts they’re just all in my head and I struggle finding the time to transfer all that knowledge from there to here. So I’m hoping committing to a post a day — posting about something, anything — will help with that.


3 thoughts on “Every Day?!?

  1. You wouldn’t be talking about me now would you? :) My problem is that the Munchkin says or does something hilarious but then when I go to post I cannot remember what it was.

  2. You need the WordPress iPhone app. Lets you blog from your phone. It helps me get in posts like that because I can do it while I’m thinking about it since the phone is always with me vs. waiting til I’m at a computer.

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