Twenty-Ten in Photos

My 365project is one of the most fun things I did in 2010. It was a fun project to share with David, even back when we were just friends, to be always on the look out for a photographic opportunity, and sometimes even shooting the same objects or event or at the same place but with our individual perspectives.

It was fun also because so many friends encouraged me — “Is that going to be for your photo a day thing?” friends would ask if they saw me taking a photo. Early in the year, I was self-conscious about taking photos for it, that someone might wonder why I was taking a picture of a slice of pizza or a stack of Mardi Gras beads or some restaurant fixture. I was also self-conscious about the project itself, that friends might think taking and sharing a photo a day was strange. And maybe some did, I don’t know. But overwhelmingly, people enjoyed it and got into it, from helping me frame my photos to commenting and/or “liking” them on Facebook to asking me about it when we got together.

As you can see, I wasn’t successful at posting a photo a day. I shot 264/365, so 101 photos shy of the goal.

I’m doing it again this year, so there’s more daily photo fun to follow!


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