Eating With Chopsticks

I’ve often been envious of people who could eat with chopsticks because I’ve never been coordinated enough to do it. But truth is, I wasn’t coordinated enough to do it once as a teenager, and then I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t do it I never tried again. I assumed I wouldn’t be able to do it at all, and the risk of being embarrassed again was too high. In the last few months, I’ve eaten with David several times at places where he was eating with chopsticks and I wanted to try to eat with them, but I feared I’d look silly when I didn’t do right.

And really, that’s just no way to live. Who cares if I didn’t do right, or if it took several times trying to learn, or if I never figured out? Better to have tried and failed than to lived in the fear of wondering “what if?” (so I’m learning).

So Tuesday while at lunch with David and Finn, I ate with chopsticks. We ate at Nothin’ but Noodles and Finn got, with his kids’ meal, these little chopstick helpers and was successfully using them to eat his rotini alfredo. So I decided to try it out and see how I did (with a spare Fun Chop helper nearby just in case). Surprisingly, I managed ok. I hesitate to say I did well, but I think I may have actually done well. In fact, I’m kinda looking forward to eating Asian food again soon just so I can try out chopsticks again.

I must also add that the picture above is the Thai Peanut dish and it was delicious. I want try that again, too!


2 thoughts on “Eating With Chopsticks

  1. Same here! Failed as a teenager with, of all things, Chicken McNuggets and didn’t try again until a couple of years ago. I must say you’re brave taking on noodles with chopsticks, however. That seems way more complicated than a few pieces of sushi.

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