Joy Indescribable

“Grieving like a Christian does not mean we do not grieve. It means we grieve without despair. We crawl into our Father’s lap and lay our tear-stained cheeks on His shoulder, and trust that what He ordains is always right, will always work out well in the end, and that all our losses will one day be restored to us. It is running to Him and asking, “Tell me again the story of what You have done and what You will do to destroy this enemy.” It is going to Him and asking for the strength and comfort we need to face the new reality of our temporary, mortal lives–a reality without someone we have grown to love, without someone we are used to having as a part of our lives and perhaps mistakenly assumed would always be there. It is knowing that although there is loss, all is not lost.

God does not tell us we will not have sorrows. He tells us that He will be our comfort in sorrow. He does not tell us we will not have tears. He tells us He will be there with us to wipe our tears away. He does not tell us there will not be times to mourn. He tells us that on the other side of that mourning is the promise of joy indescribable.”

Chillin’ With Lemonade



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