I read Newspaper Blackout today and was inspired to create a poem like the ones in the book. The book is a quick, quick read (less than a day, start to finish) and highly enjoyable because it’s just poem after poem like this one, except the ones in the book are way better. I highly recommend it for a light, fun read.

Oh, and what do you think of my poem? Not bad I thought for my first try at it. I had fun; try it!

3 thoughts on “Marshmallows

  1. Love the poem! I’m sorely tempted to dig a few newspapers out of the recycling bin and find a marker instead of running errands this morning.

  2. Do it. The suggestion in the book, which is what I did, was to take a two-column section of the paper, any section although the Living/Life/Arts sections usually have more interesting words. For beginners, use a pencil to lightly circle words that stand out. Also, don’t read in columns, read both columns all the way across. Then go back and fill in verbs, etc. and color it in! Fun for newspaper junkies like us.

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