Lieutenant Commander

The marker on John’s grave was placed in mid-December. I was able to request a military marker through the Veteran’s Administration.

John was put in for a promotion to Lieutenant Commander just a few weeks before he died, apparently. The Navy was good enough to honor that promotion posthumously, and his marker reflects the higher rank. Best I can tell, John never knew that he was being promoted, or if he did he never mentioned it to me. I found out about it because a rather official looking email arrived to his email stating that John’s name was on a list of reservists being promoted and this group wanted to congratulate him. I printed the email and asked the Navy about it. The representative who was working with me on the military details related to John’s death said the organization who sent the email was a legitimate organization, so he’d look into it further. Sure enough, John’s name was on the list.

It’s a shame that he never knew. He would’ve been excited; that would’ve made him happy. He worked hard for them and loved his Navy work. He deserved that honor and rank, and I’m glad his marker, as a lasting tribute to the life he lived here on Earth, reflects his Navy service and the highest rank earned.


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