Can’t We All Just Get Along?


7:30 this morning and I was already taking away a game that the boys were arguing about.

“He cheated.”

“Well, you knocked down too many guys.”

“No, it was my turn.”

“He cheated first.”


I can’t figure out — are they spaced too far apart or too close together? They’re 2 years and 5 months apart. Is it that they’re both boys? Is it their personalities? All of the above?

I just get so tired of being referee. Constantly. And holidays and snow days have had us altogether a lot more which means a lot more “brotherly love” going on around here.

“He took my Beyblade.”

“Well he wasn’t playing with it.”

“I get two turns because he blocked my last turn.”

“I’m telling.”

“He hit me.”

“Well, he hit me first.”

“Well, he had his feet in my face.”


One thought on “Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  1. Julie Bagdonas says:

    Don’t feel like you’re alone!!! BELIEVE ME! Luckily, I have
    alot of kiddos on our street and great neighbors and we are
    exchanging kiddos during the day. You just have to keep them busy.
    Your boys are perfectly spaced apart and the gender makes no
    difference. That sounds EXACTLY like my girls. Especially the “she
    took my barbie” “well, she wasn’t playing with it!” “yes I was! I
    just set it down for a minute!” *sigh* It’s times like this when I
    realized they NEED school!! :)

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