A Birthday Miracle!

I had seen the three-dimensional pirate ship cake before, most likely on display in the Publix bakery. So when Caden decided he wanted his birthday theme to be pirates, I knew exactly what cake to get.

About a week before his party I looked at Publix’ web site in preparation for calling in my order. Under the pirate listing there was only one cake design, and it wasn’t the 3D pirate ship. It was a sheet cake with a pirate design on top. Bor-ing.

So I called my Publix. “I’d like to order a pirate cake and I see on your web site you only have the one design?”

“Yes, we only have that one design.”

The lady probably didn’t hear the disappointment in my voice, but it was there. No 3-D pirate cake? So incredibly, depressingly sad. But what to do except order what’s available. The party must go on!

A few days later, while at Publix with Caden, we stopped to look at the book of cakes just long enough for me to show him what his cake would look like. I secretly hoped to see the pirate ship cake in the book and to quickly adjust my order. But the book confirmed — the only pirate design in the store’s design book was the sheet cake design.

So imagine my surprise when I arrived at Publix Sunday morning and asked for our cake. They brought out a box like you bring home a cat from the vet — a 2 foot by 1 foot by 1 foot cube. Could it be?

I snuck a peak inside, making sure I had the right cake of course, and yes, yes it was — the 3-D pirate ship cake.

“How did this happen?” I wondered. But I simultaneously didn’t care. I gleefully checked out and sprinted (as fast one can while carrying a 3-D pirate cake that they don’t want to drop) to the car to share my good news. I would need David to open the back door on the Pilot as the cake box was too large to hold and open without risk of losing the cake. As he got out of the car to help me, I exclaimed, “It’s a birthday miracle!” and proceeded to tell how this was the cake I wanted but didn’t think I could have, and now, here it is!


3 thoughts on “A Birthday Miracle!

  1. Dani says:

    I think the lady did hear the disappointment in your voice. YEAH for birthday miracles, I’m so happy Caden and mom got the cake they wanted.

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