One of a Kind Tees

David, the boys and I went Sunday afternoon to a t-shirt making demonstration at the Huntsville Art Museum as part of the museum’s new “thINK” exhibit that features art made with — you guessed it — ink! We all made one-of-a-kind creations with the help of Green Pea Press.

We went for the purpose of making our own shirts but of course had to pay museum admission to get in. The wait to do a shirt ended up being pretty long, during which time we perused only a small portion of the exhibit closest to the tshirt demo so we would be there when they called our name to make our shirts. Really, when I think about it, we sorta wasted the admission price to the museum that day because we only stayed in that area rather than explore around. In our defense, we didn’t know long it would be till it was our turn. The shirts and the shirt-making experience was a lot of fun, and I love that we did it! I was glad for the boys to get to make their own art and see one way that tshirts are made. But next time we should really walk around the museum more. With our shirts in hand and 10 minutes till closing time we discovered the children’s room which the boys wanted to explore in and we had to say, “Sorry guys, it’s time to go.” Next time we’ll do that better.

Speaking of next time — there’s a stamp-making event “Stamp out your heART” going on Sunday, January 23, 2-3:30 that we’re thinking of going to as well. “Create your own handmade stamp to create heARTful cards for Valentine’s Day.” We may even become members of the museum so that our admission to these kinds of things are free the rest of the year. If any local friends want to check out stamp-making with us, let me know!

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