Thoughts on “My First Blog”

This post is in response to a Daily Post writing prompt: Why did you start?

I’m a writer, and a writer needs a place to write, so why not the web, right? I can answer that question. My day job pays me to write. No one pays me to write on a blog. But that sounds pretty selfish, so maybe another reason not to blog is that most blogs go unread. Who wants to read what I have to say? Sure, maybe my mom or my husband or my friends. But couldn’t I just cut to the chase and tell them what I want them to know? So maybe I use it a … Read More

via Calluna

This was my first blog post. May 4, 2007. I came back a few years later and wrote why I blog and concluded, “I blog because I feel I have something to say, even if it is saying it to myself.”

In the nearly four years that I’ve been blogging I think I’ve stayed pretty true to that. The content and flavor of the blog has morphed a little, but so have I. I think I’m a better writer and story teller as a result of writing here. I enjoy how multi-faceted the blog is because it’s testimony to me of my own multi-facetedness. I am not one dimensional. My interests and thoughts are all over the place! In a lot of ways this blog is me. It’s a peak inside my head, my thoughts, my struggles, my happy times and my low ones, my loves and my distastes and all the things that make me me.


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