Do I Have What it Takes to Be a Big Fat Loser?

No more Starbucks. No more take-out pizza. No more Gigi’s. I’m cutting out sodas too. Bring on the sugar-free, the salads and the water.

The Biggest Loser competition at work began Friday, and I want to try really, really hard to do well and lose weight. Everyone pays $5 a month for 6 months, and at the end of the challenge the person who has lost the largest percentage of weight wins the money everyone has paid to compete.

The money is motivation but also the accountability of weighing in every month. I want to wear a smaller size and thus cuter clothes and feel better about how I look. I’m tired of sucking in or not being able to wear a cute blouse because of my size. And all of those are just vanity, not even to mention the health risks of being overweight.

So, here we go.

My tactic is reducing calories and adding exercise. Reducing calories by cutting out high-calorie items, particularly drinks — soft drinks and fruity drinks and sweetened coffees. Exercise is going to be the treadmill for now until the weather gets nice and I can walk on the track at work again. I want to use my hand weights too and do crunches to build muscle. My muscles are pretty non-existent right now, and more muscle will burn more calories.

I welcome all ideas and encouragement, and of course will update here on my progress (and probably my frustrations too!)


2 thoughts on “Do I Have What it Takes to Be a Big Fat Loser?

  1. Julie Bagdonas says:

    I think this is an AWESOME idea Heather! It’s great to be a part of a program that will give you some motivation! Good luck! I know you can do it!

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