Not My Brother’s (Beyblade) Keeper

Every now and then I have one of those glowing moments as a parent when one of the boys does a good, right thing and I think “he’s starting to get it.”

A few weeks ago Finn took one of Caden’s Beyblades to school, and when I found out about it and that he did so without Caden’s permission, I corrected him for taking a toy that wasn’t his to school with him and told him in the future he needed to ask Caden’s permission and/or just take his own.

So Tuesday, I walk him out to get on the bus. He reaches in his lunch bag and he hands me a Beyblade. He says he wanted to take it to school but it’s Caden’s and Caden said no, Finn  couldn’t take it to school. So Finn surrendered, giving the Beyblade to me!

Do you know how easy it would’ve been to have not told me that and potentially had never got caught doing what I said not to do, never been caught with his little brothers’ toy? Very easy, I suspect. It made my little heart melt when Finn, of his own volition, stepped out by being honest.


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