Why the knight in shining armor gets dumped on (via Rise&Converge)

I read this amazing blog post this morning, by my high school yearbook editor, on dealing with reality. I particularly embrace Laura’s point that you can’t save someone from themselves, and that you can’t take away their (or your own) “devastating consequences.”

Despite their noblest intentions, Andrew and Thurston ultimately can’t save either woman from themselves. Andrew can’t cure Lucy of her mental illness. Thurston can’t take away the devastating consequences of Linnea’s choice. … Read More

via Rise&Converge

So what does one do? There’s no simple answer, to be sure. I’m in the midst of situations where both of those statements apply, and my approach is to keep going. The cards have been dealt, play with the hand you’ve got. Are there some things in life that we hoped would play out differently? Of course. Is letting those things control us or get us down or stop us from living the appropriate response? I don’t think so. We could go round and round about what should’ve been done or would’ve been nice to have happened, but none of that changes reality. So here’s the reality of the situation. Now what?


One thought on “Why the knight in shining armor gets dumped on (via Rise&Converge)

  1. lauradroege says:

    Thanks for sharing my post with your readers, Heather. I’m glad you enjoyed it; this blog post was actually fairly easy to write (for once!)

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