Blame it on the Brunette

Remember this girl that I said I needed (need being relative)?

Well, I got her. I got her for my birthday from David and the boys.

And I got all her little accessories too.

Then I saw that they had this girl.

And I liked this girl better because she’s more like me in that we share the same hair color.

So I got her too, with the idea that I’d take the blonde Barbie back. But now I’m kind’ve inclined to keep them both. Plus, I like blonde Barbie’s dress better and if I decide to open them I may pull a switch-a-roo with their dresses.

Which leads me to the dilemma. I want to take them out and set them up all cute-like at a little desk with their accessories, but I don’t have a place to do that. Ideally, I’d set them up at work because that would be where it would be most relevant and most appreciated by me and others. But an even bigger reason than that is I don’t want Barbie’s scarf and bracelets and puppy to end up in Caden’s room mixed in with all the action figure helmets, light sabers and tiny M16’s. Or worse yet, Anakin trying to sport Barbie’s killer heels.


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