Getting My Life Back

It really happened. The book is finished. And when I say finished, I mean written. We sent the book to the publisher today to start the next part of the process — reviews, edits, and the like.

But, whew, what a relief, to have the hardest part behind us.

It turns out, it’s a lot of work to write a book. We spent months and months doing research. And then more months weaving all of that research into stories and then stringing the stories together to tell one, cohesive tale. Then we had to read it and determine the gaps and the things that needed smoothing out and then fix what needed fixin’. Images, captions, bibliography, preface, dedication, acknowledgements …. As I said, there’s a lot of work that goes into a book. It takes late hours and long weekends and caffeine.

The boys have been patient beyond measure, but I know they’re thankful too.

And now it’s done. Now I/we have our life back. So what are we going to do with it?

David blogged all the things things he’s going to do when the book is done a few days ago, and I read his post and got excited. One, because one of the things he’s going to do is take me on a date. I like dates! But then I started imagining all of the things I would do with the free time and making my own list,Β some of which are the same as his, some aren’t.

Get the Christmas tree out of my house. And while I’m at it, the lights off the outside of the house too.

Clean out my car. In the boys’ floorboard are clothes, coats, gloves, trash, art, toys. It’s time for it all to go!

Sleep. My sleep deficit is too large to catch up but if I can just not go further in debt by going to bed at reasonable time every night my ability to do all these other things and do them in a good mood (being tired makes me more on edge) would be greatly increased!

Finish the spring cleaning project I started in fall. This means call the charity to come pick up the boxes in the garage that are full of stuff I’m getting rid of, and keep cleaning out more stuff. As part of this I want my dining room to be a dining room so the desk/train table/junk corner in there will have to find new homes.

Knit. I have this large basket of beautiful purple and red, and blue and brown yarns just begging to be made into beautiful scarves. Knitting, fortunately, is one of those things I can do while, say, watching a movie.

Catch up (and keep up) on laundry. There have been too many occasions lately where I’m discovering that I or one of the boys are out of a certain clean laundry item and I’m washing the night before what needs to be worn the next day. It’s time for baskets of unfolded laundry to disappear too.

Walk/run on the treadmill. There’s a 5k in April I’m considering doing to help with the weight loss and give me an attainable goal to work toward. The key to being able to walk or run or any exercise is getting enough sleep that I can walk/run in the morning before the boys get up.

Read. There are several dozen books on my “to read” list. I don’t even know what they all are they’re so many. Fiction, non-fiction, spiritual … so many. Fortunately, David likes to read too so his description of a fun afternoon, sitting at the coffee shop together reading, sounds perfect!

Watch movies. Apparently David has a stack of movies for us to watch, and I make sneak in a few of my own movies into his stack too. ;)

*By finished I mean, that it’s written, but it will now undergo a technical review, a grammar/style edit, and then one last look-over before going to press next year. So when I say “finished” I mean the hard part, the writing, is finished. Editing and revisions are still to come.


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