Insignificant Nutrition

With coffee as my new love and my new Keurig right here at my desk, I needed to find a way to make coffee that worked with my diet. Per my co-worker Jo’s suggestion a dieting tip is to make it a mocha using diet hot chocolate (25 calories, 3 carbs). I also bought sugar-free vanilla caramel creamer (30 calories, 2 carbs). I could even top it off with whip cream for just 1 carb.

But how many carbs was in the coffee itself?

I googled and read up on it and it’s kinda hard to find out because — get this — coffee is exempt from having to have a nutrition label because it has “insignificant amounts … of all of the nutrients and food components required to be included in the nutrition label,” according to the FDA’s Food Labeling Guide.

It’s like drinking nothing. Which if course is not totally true because it’s chocked full of caffeine. But for the purposes of calculating calories and carbs, it’s nothing.

Coffee, you are nothing to me. Except sweet, wake-me-up goodness.


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