“U” is for Upside Down

No, I didn’t accidentally drop a dozen ice cream cones, or even accidentally drop one and then flip over all the others to match.

It was Caden’s turn this week to take snack to preschool, and lucky us — the letter of the week was “U.” This means the snack item was to start with the letter “U.” I could think of nothing and felt sure his teacher would have a suggestion of what parents had done other years. Her advice? Google foods that start with the letter “U.” What did parents do before we had google? Seriously.

I googled and discovered that I was not the first mother in this dilemma. All the message boards and discussion threads, though, were quite helpful in helping me determine that there’s only two foods out there that start with “u,” and they’re both weird and not easily attainable and not appetizing to preschoolers.

A few people suggested doing something u-shaped, like u-shaped cookies or umbrella-shaped cookies. Then I saw an idea for upside down cake and ran with it, except adapting it for greater ease and hopefully greater fun for Caden and his class.

So I made upside down ice cream cone cupcakes. (I made the kind where you cook the cupcake batter inside the ice cream cones. There’s another way to do it where you cook the cake in the cupcake liners, just like regular cupcakes, but before baking you turn a cone upside down into the batter to make a larger scoop-shape on top of the cone. I may try it like that if I ever do these again.)

I could have just done upside down cupcakes, but I thought the ice cream cone had a greater visual affect in communicating upside down.

It looks to me like when a kid drops their cone and it goes “splat” on the pavement.


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