Date Night:Valentine’s Edition

This is what happens when a 7-year-old standing on a couch takes your picture before you go out.

The 5-year-old did a little better. (Notice the Disney Channel logo in the TV in the background? How romantic.)

We started with the sweetheart special at Outback, which I might add was not on the diet. Not completely anyway. We both decided to allow ourselves to cheat for Valentine’s Day so in addition to the steak and salad that are on the diet, we also had the bloomin’ onion and this

raspberry cheesecake

Boy, was it delicious too. We scraped the bowl clean! (See! David posted an after photo in his rendition of the night’s events.)

Then we went to a play at the local theatre and had more desserts there — chocolate covered cake balls and brownies and sparkly drinks.

And that was the end.

Until this morning, when I arrived at work to find this

A personalized sweetheart basket that David put together himself. Everything in it was red — red roses, red rose petals, a red bow, a red heart-covered coffee mug, two pomegranate lemonade candles, red “I love you” hand sanitizer, little red bubbles to blow, red heart stamps and lotsaΒ  candy, which was all sugar-free so I can eat it on the diet! Lots and lots of special touches that make it unique.

He came into work early to have it there when I came in and then I ended up running late! (oops)

Inside the basket was also a heart-shaped charm for my Pandora bracelet.

I was stumped on how to end this post so I asked David how to end it and he said, “It was really sweet and I had a great Valentine’s day and David’s really wonderful.”

He’s also humble.


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