Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: Something Borrowed

I read Something Borrowed a couple of years ago (review here) and now it’s been made into a movie, the trailer for which was released this week.

I had higher hopes for the trailer, actually. If I hadn’t read the book I’m not sure the trailer would have captivated me, but there’s no way to know that since my view is obviously obscured by being a fan of the book. Being a fan could even be the reason it didn’t measure up — maybe my expectations were too high.

However, I’m happy that the trailer makes the movie look fun and cute. I’m not sure I like the look of the actor playing Dex (John Krasinski) but then that’s the dangers of books becoming movies — the actors in the movies are never gonna be what you imagined them to be while reading it. In fact, the only actor that resembles anything remotely to what I pictured while reading is Darcy (Kate Hudson). Actors in movies not matching the visions the book readers imagined is what sometimes makes book readers disappointed with the movie versions of their favorite books. Too, in one scene he resembled a young Tom Cruise and since I don’t really like Tom Cruise all that much, maybe that shaded my opinion as well.

Either way, I’m looking forward to the film.

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