Launching Rockets

The weather this past weekend was absolutely gorgeous, and we took advantage if it by launching rockets. We tried to launch a few of David’s model rockets back in November, after coming back from not seeing the space shuttle launch, but we had problems with old batteries and old engines and ended up with a scrub ourselves.

This past Sunday was the most beautiful day we’ve had since then, so we took the opportunity while we had it and managed to get three rockets off the ground — off the ground and in the air. I say “we” like I or the boys had anything to do with the success of launch day. I mainly helped kept the boys out of the way and take this cool picture to document the experience. David did all the hard work like having built the models in the first place, installing the engines, setting up the launch pads and firing the engines. We all, however, helped with recovery and we all shared in the “ooohs” and “ahhhs.”

This past week at work I was given an unexpected opportunity to go back down to Florida next week to see another attempt to launch the same mission that didn’t launch for us in November. So David, the boys and I, as well as a few other co-workers, will be going down to the Cape mid-week for that. I’m hoping our successful troubleshooting and launch this past week bodes well for the coming week’s shuttle launch.


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