Back in my day girls didn’t call boys.

Back in my day second graders didn’t talk on the phone.

Back in my day second-grade romances played out on the playground at recess. I chased you, you chased me, I let you catch me, I said I was going to kiss you but didn’t really and that was that. My boyfriend today was my best friend’s boyfriend the next day.

Today, apparently, second-grade girls call second-grade boys and ask them out to go skating on Friday night.

We got our first such phone call this past week. On Thursday, “Carly-with-a-C” (not to be confused with classmate “Karly-with-a-K”) called and left a message on our answering machine — “Hi Finn, this is Carly” — and hung up. She didn’t leave a number so we couldn’t call her back. (Finn doesn’t know yet about caller ID.)

The next day, Carly-with-a-C’s mom called and asked Finn to go roller skating. We weren’t home so Finn wasn’t able to go.

Last night, Carly-with-a-C’s mom called at 9 o’clock and asked if Carly could speak to Finn. “Umm, Finn goes to bed at 8.”

We arranged for Carly-with-a-C to call back tonight at 7 or 7:30.

Does it really start this young now? What’s Finn going to say on the phone to this girl? He barely talks in person. Should I be allowing this? Her mom is allowing/encouraging this, so am I the old-fashioned one?

Thirty-one is too young to be so old.

Sigh. More Carly tales to come, I’m sure …


One thought on “Carly-with-a-C

  1. lauradroege says:

    I don’t think you’re old-fashioned. If so, I am, too. I just think it’s not appropriate to encourage “romantic” type relationships between kids this age. If it’s a friends-thing, that’s fine, but I think the playdates should be arranged between parents rather than the kids.

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